Denture FAQs

Alex Hupka has been answering questions from readers of local newspapers including The Richmond Review and The Richmond News for many years now.  Over the years these questions have spanned a wide range of topics including: How Many Appointments are Required to Have Standard Dentures Made? How Often Do I Need to Reline My Dentures? How are Dentures affixed to Implants? If you have any questions on these or any other denture related topics feel free to give Alex a call, book a free consultation or email us with your questions. We’ll be happy to serve you!

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We are happy to answer any oral health related questions.

How much does a consultation cost?

We provide a no-charge, no-obligation consultation for dentures. If you decide to proceed with treatment, then charges accrue.

How does a denture attach to implants?

Once implants have been implanted into your jawbone by a dental surgeon, the denture is clipped to the implants via precision attachments. This procedure occurs after an appropriate healing time has elapsed after the implant surgery.  If you have any questions regarding this procedure feel free to give us a call!

How many appointments are required to have standard dentures made?

The usual number of appointments is six. A consultation (generally free) with a written treatment plan usually precedes any in mouth procedures. See a more detailed answer below.