What are removable partial dentures?

Partial Dentures are a great solution for filling in gaps as a result of missing teeth

Removable partial dentures may help preserve the natural tooth placement of your existing teeth. They ensure proper chewing and digestion by thoroughly grinding your food. A properly designed partial denture will assist in support of your existing teeth. A removable partial denture will add enjoyment to your life.

Partial Denture by Alex Hupka, Denturist

  • Preliminary impression: 45 minutes
  • Final impression: 1 hour
  • Try-in of your denture teeth in wax: 1.5 hours
  • Fitting of your dentures: 45 minutes
  • Check up if required: 30 minutes


Depending on the teeth remaining in your oral cavity, a partial denture may be completely tooth supported, tissue/tooth supported, and implant/tissue supported. A Partial denture can be constructed out of a metal and acrylic composition or completely out of acrylic. The design process involved in creating a removable partial (denture) is specific to the patient’s needs.

Every effort is made to design a self-cleansing partial denture that preserves the remaining teeth and oral structures. When a partial denture is designed, the denturist acknowledges that chewing places a strain on the remaining teeth during eating. Partial dentures are designed with this in mind so that the chewing forces can be distributed evenly over the entire remaining teeth and soft tissues. Design modifications to your remaining teeth may be required to help equalize these forces.

Metal partials are considered stronger structurally, thinner and more hygienic than an acrylic partial. Acrylic partials are usually recommended as a transitional or temporary partial. Your denturist will determine the appropriate treatment plan and the appropriate partial for you.

Partial Denture (s): Chromium Cobalt alloy (Bego Extra Hard Alloy, made by a German dental alloy company is used) is used in the construction of your partials.  Similar alloys are used in hip replacements. Dentures include premium quality teeth created on a Simplex Articulator.  Dense high quality acrylized acrylic is used in the construction of your denture.


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