Immediate Dentures

Have your immediate dentures installed on the same day as your extraction!

Constructed using dense high quality acryalized acrylic and premium denture teeth.  An Immediate denture requires 14 months of after care as a result of significant tissue and bone changes during the healing process.  After care includes all temporary hard liners, required to maintain the fit and function of your denture(s). 

Immediate dentures

Appointment Schedule

  • Preliminary Impression: 45 minutes
  • Final Impression: 1 hour
  • Try-In of your denture teeth in wax: 1 hour
  • Pick-up of your dentures prior to surgery
  • Post Extraction check up: 30 minutes 

Post Surgery Follow Up

  • 2 days after surgery first visit to check for pinching, sore spots and general discomfort.
  • Next 3 weeks monitoring healing weekly, then at week four weeks first temporary fill
  • Then @ 1.5 weeks for 2 times for a temporary fill
  • Then @ 2weeks for 2 times for a temporary fill
  • Then @ 3 weeks for 2 times for a temporary fill

Post Surgery Follow Up

  • Then @ 1.5 months for 2 times for a temporary fill
  • Then @ 2 months for 2 times for a temporary fill
  • 2 month visits continue until final relining stage
  • This continues until 14 months, at which time there is a final reline which replaces all the temporary liners, there is an additional cost for this service.

Rebase Process

After 14 months a rebase solution is required.  This involves a new impression taken in the dentures.  The rebase process removes all temporary liners and old pink acrylic which have been applied to your dentures.  You will have to leave your denture(s) one night over night in order to complete the process.  Rebasing is accomplished the same way as a creating a new denture. New pink acrylic is applied; only the original teeth remain. There are additional charges applied for the rebasing procedure.


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