Dentures for the masses

: why Richmond denturist can’t wait to meet your teeth If you google the word ‘precision’, the search engine will kindly ask you, “Did you mean Alex Hupka, Denturist?” and provide you with a link to the Richmond professional’s website. It’s not just that Alex is good at what he does. What’s remarkable is the

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Dentures being fitted

Get the smile of your dreams

Your teeth, but better: one Richmond-area denturist’s quest to give you the smile of your dreams One thing comes to mind when picturing dentures: the old movie stereotype of a pair of ill-fitting teeth on false gums and a set of springs, jammed into the mouth of a senior. The whole sordid set up is

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Eating steak with implants

Implants and precision dentures

Offer confidence to enjoy all the foods you crave If you have dentures, you know some foods are out of bounds for you. That’s because you can’t confidently bite down on some of the things you previously enjoyed. You feel left out, unfulfilled, even inadequate. That’s no way to live life. But a leading Richmond

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