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: why Richmond denturist can’t wait to meet your teeth

If you google the word ‘precision’, the search engine will kindly ask you, “Did you mean Alex Hupka, Denturist?” and provide you with a link to the Richmond professional’s website.

It’s not just that Alex is good at what he does. What’s remarkable is the extent to which Alex brings his passion for detailed work to his profession. He got started in the dental industry when he was a young man in 1976, and has honed his sheer love of his work ever since – first with his work as a certified Dental Technician, and then in his practice as a certified Denturist, which he has been doing since 2002.

“My mind is full of ideas,” Alex says, “when I meet a patient I can literally visualize the work that needs to be done within seconds. I see it in 3D, I don’t know why. I can turn it upside down, inside out, all around, all just in mind. It’s a gift.”

Being a dental technician as well as a denturist means that Alex is almost always booked a month and a half in advance because there are only 4 or so other people in B.C. who also have both certifications.

“I’m always burning the candle at both ends!” laughs Alex. “Having both certificates makes me busy. I also offer a crown and bridge design service to dentists at no charge. I can engineer the whole thing for them.”

Alex feels blessed to have an extremely competent staff, including an intern who was valedictorian of his Denturist class at CDI College. His Office Manager, Terri, has worked with him for four years. Before her time with Alex, she worked with a military dentist and as such knows how to communicate a patient’s needs “perfectly and accurately” with dentists and surgeons alike.

Alex is confident that the quality of his work speaks for itself, so much so that he offers a five-year warranty on a new fully complete and partial denture created in his laboratory. “It’s a moral decision, for me,” he says. “While you’re eating or chewing and something breaks, no charge. We believe that if we build you a product, it should easily last five years.” In the same spirit, Alex and his team also present each patient with a home care kit for the lifetime of being their patient, which will provide them with the ability to properly maintain not only their product, but also their oral health.

If you’d like to learn more about Alex Hupka’s work, head to or check out his Facebook page.  


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