Partial dentures provide full support for natural teeth

Smiling lady with partial dentures

Partial dentures preserve, protect and restore.

That is the paramount rule when designing their physics and aesthetics.

This is the explanation denturist Alex Hupka at Esthetics Denture Studio likes to use when outlining how partial dentures are made.

“If you have lost one or more natural teeth in your upper or lower jaw, and you don’t want a bridge or an implant because it is cost-prohibitive, then a partial denture can be a viable alternative,” Alex says.

You can have a partial denture fabricated and inserted just about any time after losing teeth. The sooner you replace the missing teeth, the healthier it is for your remaining dentition. “If you don’t have a partial fabricated, the space created between the existing teeth will allow the surrounding ones to drift into that open area. This is called the Domino Effect. Where space is present, the bone deteriorates, and the natural teeth that are left begin to wobble, and develop what we call mobility. If you don’t have a partial, and you bite down using a natural tooth with nothing beside it, the tooth ligament stretches unfavourably, damaging it and making the tooth mobile,” Alex says.

Partial dentures help stabilize the surrounding natural teeth, keeping their ligaments healthy by decreasing the tendency of unnatural, lateral movement.

Partial dentures are made precisely for comfort and fit. “I call it bio-ergonomic design,” Alex says. Making these dentures involves following the tissues and existing wear patterns in the client’s natural teeth to act as a guide on how the partial should fit to provide the most natural bite.

On average, with no other changes to surrounding teeth, they can last for about a decade.

“Partial dentures fabricated from chromium cobalt are made using the same material as artificial hips,” Alex says. “It’s extremely rigid and light.”

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